Weeks 3 & 4

The Prior Leschman Garden Project 2018

Weeks 3 & 4 (3rd - 13th April)

After a brief break for Easter the team were back on site and have made huge progress with the raised beds.  All the beds to the south of the path have been constructed and all have been filled with soil.  Design work is underway for the gate and the ground has been prepared to create two gravel beds on either side of the path.  The only hard landscaping outstanding is the area to the north of the path and the gate which will be installed last.  A meeting has been arranged on Monday 16th April at which Mike will talk through the garden planting designs and create an opportunity for members of the congregation and local community to share their ideas and views on the planting of the garden.  We are, of course, bound by the natural conditions of the soil and of site itself which is shaded by the hedge.  Mike's encyclopedic knowledge of plants however, is more than a match for any shady border!

Prior Leschman's Garden wk3&4

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